President of the Supreme Court of Montenegro

Vesna Medenica

Vesna (born Vlahović) Medenica, was born on 17 July 1957 in Kolašin, where she completed basic and secondary school, graduated from the Law Faculty in Podgorica- the Univeristy of Montenegro, in 1980.
Apprenticeship completed in Basic Court in Kolašin. She passed the Bar exam in Belgrade, in 1981. Worked as the legal adviser in the Basic Court in Kolašin.
1982 - she was nominated as a judge in the Basic Court in Kolašin.
In December 1986- nominated as a Basic State Prosecutor in Kolašin, which function she performed in two mandates.
1993- nominated as a Deputy of the High State Prosecutor in Podgorica. Prosecutor's function performed in two mandates.
2001- the Parliament of Montenegro elected her as a judge in the High Court in Podgorica.
On 30 July 2003 she was nominated at the function of the Supreme State Prosecutor of Montenegro, which she performed until December 2007.
During the period of 2004-2007 she was co-presiding of the South Eastern European Group of Prosecutors (SEEPAG).
In the capacity of the Supreme State Prosecutor, she established international cooperation with Prosecutions in the region, by signing numerous bilateral agreements: Agreement on Cooperation with the State Prosecution of Croatia, Agreement on Transfer of Evidences in the Cases of War Crimes, as the first agreement of this type in the Balkan area, with the Public Prosecution of Serbia, Prosecution for War Crimes of Serbia, Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Public Prosecution of Macedonia, Prosecution of the Republic of Albania, General Prosecution of Russian Federation and General Prosecution of Ukraine.
For the period of four years participated in the Project of British organization Save the children, and gave full contribution to the Reform of Juvenile judiciary in the capacity of Deputy Prosecutor and Judge for juveniles, and she was the President of the Board for South Region.
Educated in the area of Human Trafficking at the American University Johns Hopkins in Washington DC, USA.
On 19 December 2007, upon the proposals of the Presidents of the State, the Parliament and the Government of  Montenegro,  she was appointed by the Montenegrin Parliament for the position of the President of the Supreme Court of Montenegro.
General Assembly of the Network of Presidents of the Supreme Courts of European Union unanimously elected her as an Observer.
She is the President of the Judicial Council. During her mandate as the President, Judicial Council of Montenegro was elected as an Observer in the European Network of the Councils for the Judiciary (ENCJ).
During her long lasting career, she publicized several scientific articles and refferals, participating in numerous Conferences and Seminars. Active member of the Association for Criminal Law and Policy of Montenegro.
1970-1981 she was an active sportswomen-champion of Montenegro in Alpine skiing disciplines, champion of Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia in slalom and giant slalom. Today she is the President of the National Ski Federation, a member of the Executive Board of Montenegrin Olympic Committee and President of the Commission for the election of the athlete of the year in two mandates.
She recieved Memorial medal of the Association of Supporters of National-Liberation struggle and Anti-fascists of Montenegro.
Mother of two children.