Training in Financial Investigations

01. 07. 2014.

On July 1, the United States Embassy, in cooperation with the Judicial Training Center (JTC) of Montenegro and the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), concluded a two-day training on Financial Investigations and Asset Recovery.  Present at the training were Montenegrin judges, prosecutors, and police investigators. 
The training started with a presentation of the general principles of financial investigations and asset recovery, presented by the U.S. Embassy Podgorica Resident Legal Advisor (RLA) Erik Larson, who also focused on the need for multi-agency cooperation in order to successfully conclude investigations.  Also present at the training was the U.S. Embassy Podgorica Senior Police Advisor Jeff Palmer who discussed with participants police approaches to financial investigations, as well as the management of seized assets obtained from such investigations.  Besides the two resident U.S. experts, this training brought together a pool of U.S., European and Montenegrin experts, who discussed the various aspects of financial investigations, including the use of financial intelligence units, asset disclosure agencies, and anti-corruption agencies, as supporting assets to conduct investigations.  The training also focused on the flow of financial investigations and asset recovery operations in prosecutor-led investigation systems.  Both days of training were highly interactive and participants had the opportunity to hear many best practices from the international experts, as well as presentations on practical case examples from the region.  The training concluded with a discussion on the importance of international cooperation in conducting financial investigations and asset recovery operations.   


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